Sintered diamond and CBN grinding pins and small wheels

The details on our grinding tools for internal grinding operations can be found in the relevant chapter of our catalogue (PDF):

Below you find the most common micro grinding pins, grinding pins and small grinding wheels that we manufacture. We have a broad range of grinding pins on stock, but we also manufacture a multitude of custom-made special executions.

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Metal grinding pins with maximum tool life and profile accuracy. ø 0.18 mm - ø 15 mm. Excellent grinding performance when grinding carbide, technical ceramic and glass. Universally usable, on lathes as well as with high frequency and precision spindles. Suitable for ultrasonic assisted grinding. Very good with dry grinding, if ideal grain protrusion is maintained with regenerators. Excellent with wet grinding.

Resin ceramic grinding pins for cool grinding. ø 3 mm - ø 15 mm. Suitable for wet and particularly dry grinding, because grinding pins with this very nice bond grind with low pressure and hence low temperatures.

Vitrified grinding pins for high stock removal rates. ø 4 mm - ø 18 mm. Due to their high porosity these grinding pins grind with very low pressure and hence low temperatures. Only suitable for wet grinding. For grinding steel with HRC 56 and upwards. With tungsten carbide shanks/quills.

Resin hybrid grinding pins for groove grinding. ø 6 + 6.5 mm.


Resin ceramic grinding pins for blind holes, surface grinding and sharp edges. ø 4 mm - ø 20 mm. These grinding pins grind stably and with negligible pressure on the face side. Broad range of application in wet and dry grinding. With central bore holes in the tungsten carbide quills for the coolant.


Metal profile grinding pins with 60° or 90°. ø 3 mm - ø 15 mm. Grinding pins that retain their profile for very long with a massive, sintered abrasive layer. Universally usable on different machines. For grinding countersinks, bevels, contours and conical seats.




Small resin ceramic grinding wheels. ø 10 mm - ø 50 mm.

Small vitrified grinding wheels for high stock removal rates. ø 8 mm - ø 40 mm.

11B9 Small resin ceramic cup wheels for blind bores, surface grinding and sharp edges. ø 15 mm - ø 40 mm.

Custom-made tools for your individual task in a very short time

We have a wealth of experience in the conception and manufacturing of tailored grinding pins and wheels for simple grinding tasks as well as for grinding challenges that seem impossible at first glance.
Simply ask us, if your require different dimensions, a particular profile, a bond suited for a special application or material, a different shank (heavy metal or carbide), special abrasive grains or advice. We look forward to your inquiry.

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