HACO-FLEX: As easy as an erasor

Regeneration of the abrasive layer: puts the bite back into diamond and CBN grinding bonds

With the flexible HACO-FLEX you obtain an optimal grain protrusion in your resin and metal bonded wheels.

  • Increased grinding performance
  • Cooler grinding with less pressure
  • Shorter grinding times
  • Higher tool life

Problem and solution


The bond and the abrasive grains are at the same level. The grinding tool only presses, but has no bite.


The flexible HACO-FLEX regenerator is pressed either by hand or by machine, without a coolant, into the abrasive layer (wheel turning at reduced speeds). It penetrates deeply and, like an eraser, it exposes the chip spaces until the abrasive grains protrude by about 1/3 above the bond.


The abrasive grains are now protruding from the bond. The grinding tool has got back its proper bite.


For regenerating grinding tools with standard grit sizes D/BN 46 - 251:


Blue rubber stick

Stiffer, but less agressive/abrasive


Grey rubber disc

More flexible and more agressive/abrasive


Grey rubber stick

More flexible and more agressive/abrasive

For very fine grit sizes D/BN 13 - 39:


Soft ceramic stick


  • Reduced cutting speeds, 26 m/s at most.
  • Hold the HACO-FLEX firmly in place when used manually.
  • Hold the HACO-FLEX into the bond for a few seconds. If used for too long, it can alter the profile of the wheel.
  • Use HACO-FLEX dry. It should not get wet with oil or emulsion.
  • At the end, the roughness of the bond surface should be clearly felt when you drag your fingernail across the surface (exception: fine grit sizes). The grinding tool has a strong bite again!

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